Investing in Technology

Transparency is essential to incorporating citizens into the democratic process. We want our citizens, young and old, to know that their voices are heard across all levels of government. I’m going to give them the resources to do so.

The first step in this process is access to information. My main priority for the first two years in office will be digitizing the official records of the city and streamlining our online presence. By the end of my second year, to better equip our citizens with information, I am going to publish the last 20 years of all the city’s records online.

For the city to attract and retain talent, grow and develop we must invest in technology. As mayor I will equip the city with the right resources to bill and provide services online to better accommodate the needs of the modern workforce and family.

I’m going to hire a technology officer to oversee the digitization of City Hall. I will also work closely with this officer to identify more ways the city can build its technological capacities and strategic development over the next 5 years.