Connecting Entrepreneurs with Opportunity

Becoming the kind of city where citizens feel they have the chance to succeed means ensuring that business-minded individuals are able to open stores or provide services for Cedar Rapids residents.

I will create an Entrepreneurial Advisory Board made up of local residents, ages 25-35, who will meet bi-monthly. The board will create a network of entrepreneurs and connect them to important resources. Entrepreneurs will become as integral to the Mayor’s office as they are to the community.

This body will also lead the way in identifying efficiencies in our local government and economy to best equip our city to compete. This body will oversee City planning and development to best equip city government to serve the needs of the community. More businesses and start-ups are created than ever before, and we want to make sure that those who want to redefine our markets and the products we consume have the room to do so right here in Cedar Rapids. I hope to make Cedar Rapids a city designed for entrepreneurs.

I also hope to forge dialogue between entrepreneurs in Cedar Rapids and other cities to encourage valuable exchange. By engaging in official partnerships with other cities, the Mayor’s office and Cedar Rapids government could be exposed to innovative ideas, piloted elsewhere, which could assist entrepreneurs here in Cedar Rapids.