Lemi’s Vision and Platform

Right Now, Cedar Rapids is facing a number of challenges which undermine the financial security of its residents and the long-term viability of the city.

  1. College graduates and talented young people are leaving Cedar Rapids in droves. Once our young people go away to college and for their first jobs, there is no incentive drawing them back.
  2. The economic growth of the city is stagnant. The lack of opportunity in the community reflects a larger trend of steadily rising taxes
  3. Nearby cities are doing a better job attracting new businesses and talent. Cedar Rapids is faced with the challenge of keeping our largest employers in town while ensuring that entrepreneurs could find success and small businesses could flourish.
  4. Economic development is not putting money back in the pockets of Cedar Rapidians, even though the city’s employment rates are solid.
  5. Local leaders are not looking ahead to challenges we may face down the road instead they are focusing their attention on short-term gains.
  6. Though there is incredible passion for government in Cedar Rapids, there is little attempt to involve citizens in municipal governments

Fixing these problems means government has to get to work on common sense economic policies which focus on bringing city leadership closer to the needs and voices of the people. 

Encouraging Locally-owned Business Growth

Connecting Entrepreneurs with Opportunity

Affordable Housing

Youth Engagement

Maintaining Good Paying Jobs

Bridging Public Transportation

Educating the Next Generation

No new city taxes

Investing in Technology