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Right now Cedar Rapids is growing, and with the right plan we can all benefit. A thriving city means keeping talent and money within the community while making sure everyone can support the local economy. In response to changing conditions we have to keep good paying jobs in Cedar Rapids, and invest in the right infrastructure and innovative programs so young people and small businesses can flourish. I remember how this community came together and mobilized in preparation and response to the 2008 flood. No one was left behind. Today, that spirit continues to live on and this community is ready to build a safer and more prosperous future together.

Cedar Rapids is my home. People outside might not always understand why the city is so special, but I have yet to find a place that compares. When I came to this country Cedar Rapids welcomed me. The city embraced me and my family, and we planted our roots here. I know this city to be a city of neighbors.

It is this very community that afforded me the opportunity to get involved with government and travel to DC to work in Congress and in the White House. In these experiences I’ve had the chance to work alongside people from all over the country, and to contribute to the efforts of making government more inclusive and responsive to the actual needs of the people. Every student should be exposed to similar experiences to shape their future professional and personal lives.

Cedar Rapids is a place of unlimited potential. I want to tap into the resources represented by our young people and businesses , our schools and communities so that ten and twenty years from now everyone will reap the benefits.

I am running for mayor, and I am asking you for your support in making the city of Cedar Rapids everything it can be.